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Principals of Svobi Associates are (co-)authors of a range of granted patents or patents applications.

Most recent

Microarrays, US 2014/0179554


Non-infringing formulation of docetaxel, WO/2007/124700

Rapidly dispersible dex-ibuprofen tablet, WO2007/025488

Taste masked dex-ibuprofen syrup, WO2005/079858

Inclusion complexes of terpenes and pharmaceutical preparation containing said complexes, CZ 300 722


Process for preparing 5-methyl-2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadizole, CS 235 170

Preparation of betuline-diacetate from paper mill birch bark, CZ 301 038

Purification of 5-methyl-2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadizole, CS 238 941

Method of preparing 7-(2-thienylacetamido)cephalosporanic acid, CS 229 096

Method of preparing diesters of 4-aryl-2,6-dimethyl-1,4-dihydropyridine-3,5-dicarboxylic acid, CS 239 449, CS 243 590, CS 243 591

Electroseparation and other analytical methods

Method of analysis, CZ 299 493

First microfluidic electrophoresis chip

Electrophoresis device, CS 230 601,

Probably one of the first patents dealing with indirect detection in electrophoresis and chromatography

 Method of photometric or spectrophotometric detection of colorless compounds separated by capillary or grove electrophoresis, CS 180 293