Svobi provides services in all areas related to the pharmaceutical and biotechnolology development.

Michal's key expertise covers

  • Technology transfer

  • Technology valuation

  • IP management and strategy - based on the Company IP, Prior Art and competitive intelligence

    • What to patent Now, Later, Never?

    • What to publish Now, Later, Never?

    • What is the best disclosure strategy to keep the Company invention covered by patents and safe from competitive patents

    • Finding, fixing and utilising loopholes in Prior Art and Company existing patents

  • Finding strategies in difficult to patent or no-patent-possible situations
    • Out-of-the box solutions

    • Creativity boost

while Xenia is experienced in

  • BD

    • Pharmaceuticals, Generics and Early Stage NME

    • Diagnostics

    • Technologies (Pharma production related)

  • Quality implementation, management and audits

    • API, non-sterile dosage forms, sterile dosage forms, monitoring of clinical trials (Phase I)

    • Quality systems according to the current stage of product development - from simple Reasonable Documentation Practices and Experiment Planning up to GLP and GMP

    • Release of Pharmaceuticals as a Qualified Person

As a company,

we are supporting the partner in all aspect related to the development, technology transfer and fund raising by

    • Product positioning, including CMC and dosage form aspects,

    • Preparation, evaluation and DD of development plans including

    • Implementation of our proprietary risk analysis based "Fast track to Phase II", planning, budgeting and managing

    • Estimation of market size

    • DD preparation, assistance, etc.