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Company overview

Principal activities

Development projects

Wa are creating portfolios of projects based on cooperation with inventors and academia to be executed via SPV's with potential investors and/or industrial partners. Svobi Associates provides for the project business development, project management and seeks investment money for a project. Svobi Associates keeps capital stake in the respective SPV's.

See Example projects for more information on our past work.


Svobi provides project management, quality management, business and corporate development services, coaching and consulting services to start-ups and SME's and Academia

Our main experience covers

  • product positioning and streamlining of the development, including intellectual property managment, governance, strategy, creation and use

  • implementation of Business Development, Quality, and Regulatory Elements early in the development so that the R&D is done in view of the future licensing and MA application

  • streamlining of the development from post-discovery to Phase II clinical trials (Fast Track),

  • technology transfer from the laboratory bench through pilot scale to manufacture