Svobi Associates

With 6+ years experience in medical devices (diagnostics), 20+ years experience in pharmaceuticals, and extensive IP under our belt we are looking forward to help you to move your projects through.

We are used to getting around in small companies with limited resources and tough budgets.

We are also used to move forward quality and project management in difficult environments.

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Are you manufacturing, distributing or developing/innovating medical devices? Pharmaceuticals? 

Then you are right here for

    Quality Assurance,
        Release and other QP activities
            Implementation of Quality systems (ISO 13 485),
                Risk Analysis
                    Innovation management and Technology transfer
                        Documentation writing and Assessment
Turn-key IP and Quality management for start-ups and SME's

Do you have a Breakthrough Idea or are you Looking for One?

We provide

    On-demand project management including
management of quality
Project scouting
            Technology and IP evaluation,
                Technology transfer
                    Business plan writing and finace sourcing
                        Project management
oaching and consulting services to start-ups, SME's, and Academia.


Technology transfer and business case preparation in hi-tech field.

    Target audience: researchers planning commercialisation of their idea, university tech transfer officers.

Quality and IP trainings.

    Target audience: academia researchers planning commercialisation of their idea, university tech transfer officers, grant agencies,             pharma/biotech.

The trainings are based on our experience and concentrate on practical solutions and concepts.

See more on these trainings on separate web site

We are proud members of the MedChemBio Innovation Cluster


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